Who We Are

Advance Soil Enhancement is passionate about creating methodologies that increase harvest quantity, timing and plant quality; while conserving water and nutrients.


Hemp grows abundantly and has been in use as a fiber for for a very long time. Sailors used hemp while under sail and for mooring ropes. Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag from hemp!

We began experimenting with hemp and cannabis products and accessories. Over time we became intrigued about field and hydroponic growing. Our research led us to soil amendments and growing substrates.


In hydroponics the commonly used growth substrates are rockwool, lightweight expanded clay aggregate, coconut fiber, and perlite. Through our research we carefully assessed the qualities of each along with what it would take to make them each better. After cataloguing our results we met with horticultural researchers and other specialists to come up with a growing medium that exceeds our expectations.

Our team is made up of those same research and specialists individuals. We are now in full production of hydroponic and field growing substrates that will exceed your expectations as well! JuanaGrow is here and readily available. Please take time to look through our website and learn about the advantages of JuanaGrow for your hydroponic or field growing applications. Additionally, please check back because we will be updating this site with more information, testimonials and more!

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