JuanaGrow H

JuanaGrow H has been designed specifically to enhance cannabis and hemp growth for hydroponic and all other soilless growers!

You can anticipate an increase in productivity, a decrease in the costs associated with the application of nutrients and more frequent harvests of your exceptional crops!

JuanaGrow is –


Environmentally safe

Sterile / Inert / Organic

Light Weight

Get to harvest quicker while saving money!

Whether growing hydroponically, in a greenhouse or using an aeroponics system JuanaGrow H is the substrate you need to accomplish your goals!

Why You’ll Love JuanaGrow H

As a grower you desire healthy productive plants. With our JuanaGrow you achieve this goal and harvest faster than normal, increasing your revenue!

  • Absorbs moisture and nutrients so it is available to your plants when the plants need it!
  • Roots can grow fast with ease!
  • Easy to understand instructions!
  • Technical assistance available at anytime!
  • Has all of the good qualities of other substrates and none of the things you may dislike!
  • You will see a vast improvement in plant maturity time, plant quality, ease of use and increased profits!
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