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Whether you are growing in a greenhouse or field, ADVANCE SOIL ENHANCEMENT can get you to harvest quicker and decrease your cost.

JuanaGrow is a stable spongy substance that is very light yet has enormous water absorption capacity. Our product is produced from a resin that is harmless to the environment and is entirely biodegradable.

JuanaGrow has a large water retention capacity, can easily be rewet from dry and a offers a great aeration rate. The absorbed water and the nutrient elements are released gradually.  These factors have an extremely positive effect on irrigation and rainfall; JuanaGrow enables the grower to irrigate 70% less as compared to standard requirements. JuanaGrow encourages significantly improved plant growth.

Growing in soil

Developed specifically for the soil grown hemp and cannabis. Traditional sand-based soils are saturated by over watering. This over watering allows time for plants and grass to absorb the moisture over a period of hours. However, to achieve this level of soil saturation, to overcome evaporation and seepage ”excess” water must be used. This word ”excess” in terms of this report relates to the proven reduction in water usage when adding JuanaGrow S to the soil. Studies show that using the JuanaGrow S can reduce water usage by up to 70.

Hydroponic use

Developed specifically for the hydroponic grown hemp and cannabis. Plants growing with JuanaGrow H produce a finely branched root system throughout the whole substrate, from top to bottom. The roots therefore have a large surface area in relation to their volume and make effective use of assimilates. The numerous root tips ensure an excellent uptake of nutrients.

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